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        1. European Industrialpark
          • Ningbo European Industrial Park has been selected as the sec
          • Ningbo European Industrial Park has been selected as the sec
          Park Introduction

          China Ningbo European Industrial Park is located in Hangzhou Bay New Zone. Hangzhou Bay New Zone is located in Ningbo in the middle of China's southeast coast which is connected to Shanghai through the trans-ocean bridge, while is also northern part of Cixi City under the jurisdiction of Ningbo City.

          China Ningbo European Industrial Park

          China Ningbo European Industrial Park is an international large-scale multi-functional park funded by ITC Group. It was established in early 2003 and is an international modern workshops supplier specializing in providing European standards workshops for domestic and foreign customers.

          Hangzhou Bay New Area

          Hangzhou Bay New Zone Planning: HBNZ focuses on the future sustainable development strategy, with the goal of introducing technology, capital-intensive and high value-added services, and strives to become a multi-functional modern service area integrating financial, commercial, residential, tourism and leisure. It will present top factories, luxury residential, resorts hotels, and world-class wetland park to the world.
          Traffic condition

          Relying on the Hangzhou Bay Bridge and the planned Shanghai-Jiayu Cross-sea High-speed Railway, Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Second Passage, Shanghai-Ningbo Intercity Railway, Ningbo-HBNZ Intercity Railway and other large-scale transportation facilities, it can directly achieve the same city development with surrounding urban agglomerations.
          Park Facilities

          Basic Facilities

          seven accesses and site leveling, direct access to water, electricity, gas and communication; Highway 1 will be widened to a 29meters two-way lane ; the zone is equipped with a ring road network with a trunk road width of 34 meters and a secondary trunk road width of 20 meters. The double entrance is connected to Highway 1. Supporting facilities are complete.

            Tianjin Sanden Ningbo Branch
            Zhejiang Sikuier Electronic
            Ningbo Euro Solar Technology
            Ningbo Shuangjia Facility
            CPI Imp.&Exp.
            Shanghai Yada Auto Plastic Ningbo Branch
            Zhejiang Honglizhixin Auto Parts
            Wuhu Bethel Automotive Ningbo N=Branch
            Ningbo Londex Hardware
            Eurosanitary (Ningbo)
            TR Ningbo Industry
            Bralo (Ningbo) Hardware
            Ningbo Arttec
            Ningbo Ouju Hardware
            Ningbo LJM
            Ningbo Hangde Electronic
            Ningbo Hangde Plastic
            Ningbo Guanghong
            Zhejiang Chuanglin
            Ningbo Lianke
            Ningbo ITC Equipment
            Ningbo Falcon Hardware
            Ningbo Xigui Plastic Products
            Ningbo ITC Environment Facility
            Cixi Ounuo Property Management
            Ningbo Oubo Management
            Zhejiang Feliuboet Sanitary
            Ningbo Antai PV
            Ningbo ITC Construction Materials
            Industrias Tecno Catalunya (Ningbo)
            Ningbo Euro Solar Group
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