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        1. European Industrialpark
          1. Home > About Us > Park Facilities

          Park Maintenance
          The park has set up a special Ounuo Property Management Company to be responsible for the greening, public security, sanitation and logistics support of the public areas of the park, which provides convenience for enterprises to solve the problems of employees' living and accommodation;
          Public security: The park is equipped with a safe duty room, parking lot inside and outside the park, vehicles and personnel enter and exit with the access card and license recognition system to ensure the safety of the life and property of the employees in the park.

          1-191121151305940.jpg    1-19112115131S30.jpg

          Park Canteen 
          The park canteen can serve for thousands of people to eat at the same time with various dishes, clean and tidy, and also with boxes for private guests.

          1-191121151K35N.jpg    1-191121151QI50.jpg

          The park provides different apartments for senior managers, common managers and general staffs. 



          Park Entertainment and leisure places
          Basketball courts, Internet cafe, small supermarket, library, screening room, indoor fitness room, outdoor fitness center, parking lot, etc.

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