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        1. European Industrialpark
          1. Home > Support around the park > Hotels
          Empark Grand Hotel Hangzhou Bay
          HotelStar:Five stars
          Address: No. 9 Jinyuan Avenue, Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
          There are 453 guest rooms, Golden Century Chinese Restaurant, Jinyuan Buffet Restaurant, Japanese and Korean cuisine, Executive Lounge, Grand Ballroom, 13 different meeting rooms, swimming pool, gym, SPA, luxury KTV and other supporting facilities.
          Ningbo Hengyuan Hotel
          Star:Five stars
          Address: No. 55, Binhai 1st Road, Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Cixi, Ningbo
          With 230 rooms, it has a wealth of leisure, wellness and rides. There is a children's play area for young children; there are treadmills, equipment and bicycles in the gym, as well as aerobics by the instructor, and 28 professional golf driving ranges for you to swing.
          Hangzhou Bay Universal Hotel
          Star:Five stars
          Address: No. 288, South Huancheng Road, Lushan Street, Cixi
          It has 360 rooms, clean and comfortable, and complete facilities in the room. In addition, smart rooms introduce new technological achievements, and all of them can use indoor and outdoor swimming pools and gyms. The hotel has a gym and equipment is imported.
          New Century Manju·Cixi Wuyue Plaza Store
          Star:four stars
          Address: No. 401, South Road, Xincheng Avenue, Lushan Street, Cixi
          With 146 rooms, it is clean and comfortable, and the facilities are complete. There are 2 fully equipped multi-functional conference halls, which are the choice of various business, board meetings and business guests.
          EGREEN Hangzhou Bay Hotel
          Star:three stars
          Address: No. 69 Binhai 1st Road, Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Cixi
          With 130 rooms, clean and comfortable, the room has complete facilities; it has a banquet hall area of 300 square meters, elegant decoration, full-featured, equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, can accommodate 150 people for meetings or meals; multi-functional hall area of 200 square meters It can be flexibly divided into 2 small meeting rooms.
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